RECHARGE – Beyond the Bars Game is a digital game designed to help incarcerated people as well as formerly incarcerated people and their families to reflect on many aspects of their life and incarceration experiences. Recharge provides a structured, engaging and even fun way to communicate while bonding and growing in understanding, connection and empathy. Resulting in strengthening and healing lives and relationships.

Recharge game has had significant impact on those who have utilized it, and has been enthusiastically embraced by even the most resistant people. Incarcerated people who had been non-communicative for years found themselves effortlessly opening up and have been reported to have been communicative ever since participating in this game.


  • Reflection & Sharing
  • Enjoyable connection
  • Meaningful conversations
  • & Fun!

For those whose lives are filled with rejection and punishment, Recharge Game offers a new experience of acceptance, approval, and validation. It is a place where all participants can share themselves, be fully themselves, discover one another anew, and to connect authentically, as well as to reconnect.

Structured for Communication and Acceptance

The Recharge Game brings forth open discussion and amazing conversations, deep understandings, and builds bridges back HOME.


RECHARGE is utilized by:

  • Reentry programs in & outside of prison
  • In mentoring programs
  • Amongst friends and family
  • In church and faith-based reentry programs
  • In group & individual therapy sessions
  • In maximum security units
  • In substance abuse treatment units
  • In restrictive housing units
  • & many more

RECHARGE has proven itself to be a vehicle where people can express their reality, what they wrestle with each day, and to value their unique self-expression.

Each card has four discussion topics

  • Icon 1

    #1 on each card will always be a Group Interaction.

  • Icon 2

    #2 on each card will always be a question about Life.

  • Icon 3

    #3 on each card will always be a question about Incarceration.

  • Icon 4

    #4 on each card will always be a question to talk about family or friendships.

Versions of the game

You can access the game on your mobile phone, download it from the Apple or Android store for $4.99.

Download the game:

You can also access our online game version from any device, making it perfect for group sessions online, face-to-face, or both. Just share your screen on Zoom, Skype, or Teams, and the game will do the rest. Lots of talking, learning, and fun.

Available in English and Spanish

Who invented the game?


Leslie is a therapist, and the Founder & CEO of Trance4mation Games a company she founded to develop healing games that bring people together across all divides into our shared humanity, and where we uplift, empower and support one another through profound, enjoyable and transformative dialogue.

Recharge game, designed to aid incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals and families in connection and reintegration, is widely used in re-entry programs and diverse settings in at least 25 states in the US.

Leslie has spent 30+ years working in diverse capacities within underserved and marginalized communities; as a social worker, therapist and facilitator.

Leslie was the second volunteer ever permitted into Rikers Island, for two years she pioneered a poetry project at Rikers Island Correctional Facilities for Men and Women. Leslie also proudly served as a Department of Defense Reintegration Speaker. Leslie's significant contributions to veteran's work were recognized when she rang the closing bell at NASDAQ in 2014.


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